An electric fence energizer takes electric energy from a power source and delivers it to a fence as pulses. These pulses are commonly referred to as the "shock" felt by any animal which touches an electrified fence. An electric fence acts as a psychological barrier rather than a physical barrier.

Benefits of Electric Fencing

  • Low cost / Cost Effective - requiring less labour and material than conventional fencing.
  • Easy to construct using light weight materials.
  • Animals less likely to be injured if they breach an electric fence. Electric fences protect valuable livestocks
  • Long life - Less prone to damge because animals can't lean on it.
  • Economically controls all domestic and feral animals; if animals force their way through electric fences they are usually not hurt.
  • Flexibility - wire spacings and fence design can be modified to control a variety of animals.
  • Increases production by making it asier to subdivide paddocks.
  • Portability - strip grazing and back fencing is easy and fast to build and move.
  • Fence life can be extended by attaching electrified offsets (outriggers) to existing conventional fences.
  • Discourage trespassers and predators.
  • Environmentally friendly - quick, easy and inexpensive to fence off trees and waterways.