Portable Solar Energizers

Intense grazing. Intense energizers.

Speedrite portable solar energizers incorporate an internal battery and are perfect for strip grazing or powering a small area. These self contained energizers feature an integrated solar panel and a sophisticated battery management system in a rugged carry case.

Features explained:

  • Steel and wood post mounting options – High impact enclosure is designed to securely mount on Y-posts and wood posts.
  • Rechargeable Internal Battery – Rechargeable internal sealed 12V, 7Ah Battery.
  • Battery Recharge – Energizer intelligently manages battery recharging during fine weather.
  • Requires Minimal sunlight - Energizer requires minimal sunlight hours to keep battery at or near full charge. When fully charged selected portable energizers can operate for up to 21 days without sunlight.
  • Indicator light – Located on the rear of energizer, indicate the solar energizer is operating.
  • Battery saver – Microprocessor technology automatically adjusts the output energy depending on the battery condition. This feature is designed to extend battery life.
  • Rugged Design – Strong aluminum solar panel frame and UV resistant case provides maximum weather protection for extreme environments.

Portable Energizers Products Gallery

  • SPE AN90
  • SPE S250 Solar